A Court Of Mist and Fury – Review

What can I say? This book was really long, and suffered a bit from classic middle of the trilogy not much action but lots of character development. Which I actually quite liked.

There was one particular character where I didn’t like what Sarah J. Maas did with him. Won’t spoil it but I’d rather he remained the same as the first book and didn’t just get made into a jerk with no development.

I enjoyed Feyre’s development. She’s a very strong character but still shows the feeling and empathy that I loved in the first book.

I loved the romance. So much romance. Looking forward to how that continues in book three. It’s better now it isn’t as love triangle like.

Again, I adored the scene setting – it’s a really beautiful fantasy world and I’m glad Sarah built on it from book one.

My sister took some photos at Arundel and it reminded me of Spring Court.

I’m not sure how I feel about the alternating points of view at the end so I’ll have to see how I find it in book three if it continues.