The Bone Witch Review

Within minutes I knew I was going to enjoy this book. The writing had the perfect rhythm for me, and I loved the format of having a little present day section at the end of each chapter.

Tea was amazing to read about – and I particularly enjoyed all the training she goes through (you might get bored if you’re not a fan of a training montage). She’s sassy but not in an irritating way like early Celaena in Throne of Glass.

I loved the magic system – and the daeva. I’m really excited to see this develop in the second book. And hopefully be told more about the Faceless, who didn’t get alot of time.

The fashion descriptions were actually amazing. So much colour and detail.

The twist at the end of the book was awesome.

Basically, this has been my favourite fantasy of this year (except maybe the Tethered Mage or Ice Massacre).


Ruin and Rising Review

I heard big things about the end of the Grisha trilogy and it didn’t disappoint.

The beginning was back to the pace of the first book, it dragged a little in the middle and the last 25% or so was amazing!!

They solidified Alina’s friendships and made a big thing of it!! I’m so happy. I thought the first books lacked friendship elements – especially between women, but this one was packed with it.

I was finally convinced that Mal is a good guy at heart. I think. I much preferred Nikolai as a character but maybe not for Alina.

The Darkling was an excellent conflicted villain throughout. It was an excellent exploration of how you behave is a choice sometimes.

The last ‘after’ was the cutest thing ever and I loved the end with all my heart.

I recommend the trilogy and I’m really excited to read Six of Crows at some point!

What did you think of the Grisha trilogy?