Scythe Review

So I picked up a book by a male author – Neal Shusterman. It was free on Amazon Kindle UK at the time. I usually hate books set it in the future so this was a bit of a risk – but hey it was free!

And it was absolutely amazing.

In a world where humanity has defeated death, Scythes were created to carry out population control.

The book delves into all sorts of questions – mainly what it means to take a life.

I loved how compassionate Rowan was, as a teenaged boy. He showed real feelings throughout the book and it was so honest and amazing. It’s nice to see a male character with so much softness and empathy.

There was also Citra, who was incredibly clever and also compassionate.

I very much enjoyed the plot which was always moving. There were a few twists which I didn’t guess.

The ending was absolutely fantastic and I loved it so much.

I’m really glad I loved this book! It just read so well and had likeable characters and really delved into morals.

Can’t wait to read book two!


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