The Tethered Mage Review

I think this is my favourite book I have read in 2018!

Amalia is certainly one of my favourite characters. She’s not your typical superhero fantasy character. She’s quiet, bookish and has great intellect.

I loved her growing friendship with Zaira, a fire warlock who grew up on the streets. They couldn’t be more different as people and that’s why I loved the dynamic between them.

I also loved that Amalia’s mother, La Contessa, wasn’t too horrible. She was hard on Amalia, but gave her confidence and praise when necessary.

I loved the light touch of romance that didn’t dominate the plot. Amalia makes very mature choices throihht the book.

The plot itself was gripping for such a long novel. No section was like a filler episode. I enjoyed the politics (there wasn’t an unbearable amount of it), the magic system, and I didn’t guess the plot twists!

Altogether, I highly recommend this book and can’t wait to read the sequel, The Defiant Heir.


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