The Assassin’s Blade Review

Hey everyone! Continuing with my Throne of Glass book club readalong – the first of the novellas! Or a collection of 5 prequel novellas anyway.

The Pirate Lord is the first – which was a nice little intro story. I wish we’d have got Celaena starting at the assassin’s keep but Sarah skipped those stories. Overall, nice, but it didn’t engage me.

The next one was The Healer. I loved this story – it had awesome girlpower and girl friendship feels. It’s one of my favourites in the collection!

Then came The Desert, which was awesome. I loved seeing Celaena doing training stuff and learning more about herself. I wish it had ended differently though, I was loving the female friendship.

The final two, The Underworld and The Empire, I didn’t connect with so much. I think it was because the novellas didn’t really build the relationship between Celaena and Sam enough so I wasn’t too invested. Plus I knew how it was doing to end.

Overall, a good read, but I’m hoping when we start Heir of Fire the series will improve. And that some of the characters from these novellas appear again the series!


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