The Song of Achilles Review

I’ve had this downloaded on Kindle for a while and hadn’t gotten around to it. But I was saying how I like books that are emotional and a friend recommended it.

The beginning was beautiful – just two innocent kids growing up, falling in love. Achilles, a hero in the making, and the protagonist, Patroclus, an average, sensitive boy.

The middle parts were a little boring in my opinion, but the character development was strong and you really felt for the characters.

My friend was right. It was such a terribly sad ending. So so sad. Heartbreaking. The last quarter of the book was fantastic and wow I was so impressed.

The writing style was great throughout – it felt really magical to read.

If you’re looking for a book that plays with your heartstrings – this is it.


Daughter of Smoke and Bone Review

Again, another book I read in less than 24 hours…

The beginning was excellent. I loved Karou and her blue hair. I adored the mystery and the characters, the imagery and the language. The first half was beautiful. I loved Zuzanna alot – she was super funny and great.

I can’t say I loved where the story went after that. The romance was a bit instalove, and I never really like it when the present story is related so strongly to the past. It was a little predictable in that sense. The light humour also sort of disappeared. I needed more Zuzanna!

Even still, it was so beautifully written. I just really couldn’t get into the last 30% or so.

I’ll still read the rest of the trilogy in hope that it returns to the magic of the first half.

I adore the cover on this one.


Scythe Review

So I picked up a book by a male author – Neal Shusterman. It was free on Amazon Kindle UK at the time. I usually hate books set it in the future so this was a bit of a risk – but hey it was free!

And it was absolutely amazing.

In a world where humanity has defeated death, Scythes were created to carry out population control.

The book delves into all sorts of questions – mainly what it means to take a life.

I loved how compassionate Rowan was, as a teenaged boy. He showed real feelings throughout the book and it was so honest and amazing. It’s nice to see a male character with so much softness and empathy.

There was also Citra, who was incredibly clever and also compassionate.

I very much enjoyed the plot which was always moving. There were a few twists which I didn’t guess.

The ending was absolutely fantastic and I loved it so much.

I’m really glad I loved this book! It just read so well and had likeable characters and really delved into morals.

Can’t wait to read book two!


The Tethered Mage Review

I think this is my favourite book I have read in 2018!

Amalia is certainly one of my favourite characters. She’s not your typical superhero fantasy character. She’s quiet, bookish and has great intellect.

I loved her growing friendship with Zaira, a fire warlock who grew up on the streets. They couldn’t be more different as people and that’s why I loved the dynamic between them.

I also loved that Amalia’s mother, La Contessa, wasn’t too horrible. She was hard on Amalia, but gave her confidence and praise when necessary.

I loved the light touch of romance that didn’t dominate the plot. Amalia makes very mature choices throihht the book.

The plot itself was gripping for such a long novel. No section was like a filler episode. I enjoyed the politics (there wasn’t an unbearable amount of it), the magic system, and I didn’t guess the plot twists!

Altogether, I highly recommend this book and can’t wait to read the sequel, The Defiant Heir.


The Assassin’s Blade Review

Hey everyone! Continuing with my Throne of Glass book club readalong – the first of the novellas! Or a collection of 5 prequel novellas anyway.

The Pirate Lord is the first – which was a nice little intro story. I wish we’d have got Celaena starting at the assassin’s keep but Sarah skipped those stories. Overall, nice, but it didn’t engage me.

The next one was The Healer. I loved this story – it had awesome girlpower and girl friendship feels. It’s one of my favourites in the collection!

Then came The Desert, which was awesome. I loved seeing Celaena doing training stuff and learning more about herself. I wish it had ended differently though, I was loving the female friendship.

The final two, The Underworld and The Empire, I didn’t connect with so much. I think it was because the novellas didn’t really build the relationship between Celaena and Sam enough so I wasn’t too invested. Plus I knew how it was doing to end.

Overall, a good read, but I’m hoping when we start Heir of Fire the series will improve. And that some of the characters from these novellas appear again the series!


Tradition Review

Brendan Kiely has written an emotive book with themes of sexual assault, lad culture and feminism, told through two points of view: Jules and Bax.

I loved how the book played on Tradition. Their school had so many sexist traditions and Jules fought against them but everything fell on deaf ears.

It reminded me of a more mature Moxie.

Bax was an excellent character, one with faults but he actually cares about the girls and stood up for them with his mates.

I enjoyed that falling in love wasn’t the focus – it just isn’t needed in a book about sexual assault. Bax showed support for Jules through friendship which is exactly what she needed.

I wish we had an epilogue from a year later. The ending was excellent and dramatic but I need to know where these characters end up. I hope they all got into college despite the end!

It did ring true though. Very true and sad.

Overall, and excellent book. Just wanted more of it!