Pestilence Review

So this was my first Laura Thalassa book and I really enjoyed it!

It was a bit odd at first – I didn’t think Pestilence could ever redeem himself – and I’m still not sure I like him – he’s very controlling and possessive.

I did like that love can change people and bring out the best of them. The romantic chapters were beautifully written. The tense chapters were sometimes horrifying.

The protagonist, Sara, has a great, honest voice. I enjoyed her wit and sarcasm and laughed out loud in places. Pestilence was also funny at times – if accidentally!

I’m glad the ending was good – with a little epilogue teasing the next book – War. I hope it keeps the rhythmn of the first book. I can’t wait to read it!

Isn’t the cover beautiful? I wish I had the hardcopy so I could see the colours.

Have you read Pestilence? Or any other books by Laura Thalassa?


To Kill a Kingdom Review

I’ve had To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo downloaded for a while.

It’s a really beautiful retelling of The Little Mermaid – though alot darker.

I did find that the build up was a bit too slow, and consequently the ending where all the action happened was too rushed.

The romance wasn’t really convincing to me. It was very slow burn but if I hadn’t known of The Little Mermaid, I wouldn’t have noticed the characters falling in love.

However the characters are multi-dimensional and excellently written. You get POV from Lira, a siren princess, and Elian, a siren killer prince, and I enjoyed both which is rare for me in books with multiple POVs.

I wish the sea queen had a bit more depth to her – I love conflicted villains and this would have been a perfect opportunity.

Overall, I’m glad I read it – it’s always good to have a standalone fantasy novel.

Do you have any favourite standalone fantasy novels?