Ruin and Rising Review

I heard big things about the end of the Grisha trilogy and it didn’t disappoint.

The beginning was back to the pace of the first book, it dragged a little in the middle and the last 25% or so was amazing!!

They solidified Alina’s friendships and made a big thing of it!! I’m so happy. I thought the first books lacked friendship elements – especially between women, but this one was packed with it.

I was finally convinced that Mal is a good guy at heart. I think. I much preferred Nikolai as a character but maybe not for Alina.

The Darkling was an excellent conflicted villain throughout. It was an excellent exploration of how you behave is a choice sometimes.

The last ‘after’ was the cutest thing ever and I loved the end with all my heart.

I recommend the trilogy and I’m really excited to read Six of Crows at some point!

What did you think of the Grisha trilogy?


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