Siege and Storm Review

So, Grishaverse book 3.

For me, it definitely suffered from being the middle book a bit.

There wasn’t much happening for the first 80% or so, just lots of character building but was a bit disappointing given how much I loved the pacing of the first book.

The last 20% I didn’t really see coming, which was cool. Loved how much happened.

I hope Alina gets more friends in book 3, and the relationships between the characters develop.

Also, she could do with a boyfriend who doesn’t suck because she’s more powerful than he is. That definitely wound me up a bit.

I adore Nikolai, he’s a breath of fresh air. And still a fan of David, who is still the quiet, inventive, completely people clueless guy from Shadow and Bone.

Book 3 has lots of potential and I’m looking forward to giving it a go!

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