Shadow and Bone Review

Hi everyone,

Continuing my exploration into the latest YA fantasy, I tried Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo.

Now I enjoyed ACOTAR but it didn’t quite live up to some of my old favourites. Shadow and Bone absolutely did.

It was fast paced!! So fast paced!!! And heartbreaking! And all about the power of the mind in overcoming your problems!

There was friendship and love and the main character, Alina, was so ordinary and she became brilliant and the Darkling still makes me curious so I’m really excited to reaf the sequel. And Mal was a bit urghhh at times but he’s actually quite sweet and caring.

I think David might be my favourite character though. He’s very sweet not that he plays a huge part. And Genya. Both of them are cute.

But yes, I’m very excited to read the rest of the trilogy! And Six of Crows duology at some point after that.

What did you think of Shadow and Bone?

Isn’t the cover just beautiful??


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