The Snow Child Review

Hi everyone!

I’ve had The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey downloaded for a while – and I kinda wish I’d read it over Winter because it has a really nice snowy theme to it. I’ve recently watched Wild Alaska and that helped me picture the setting so well.

It was an emotional story, related to a fairy-tale. Faina was a super character and I was left wondering if she was real or not for the beginning of the book. I loved how Mabel and Jack looked after her but let her be, and how they sort of became parents to Garrett too.

It built slowly, with the second half being a much faster read. It breaks your heart in many places, but also makes you smile and appreciate those you love. The relationships build beautifully. The imagery is perfect – you can really picture the wild, remote setting and feel how cold it is.


The ending is bittersweet, both sad and happy. I enjoyed part 3 of the book the most. It was predictable / there is lots of foreshadowing, but this is the way it’s meant to be, and the sadness still hits you hard.

Definitely going to give it a re-read one winter.



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