Together Review

Hi there!

On my recent trip to Dartmoor I read Together by Julie Cohen.

It had one of the most unexpected twists I’ve read for a while.

The story went backwards, from a couple in their 80s to when they were 20. I’m glad it went backwards though because if the twist happened at the beginning I wouldn’t have been able to carry on.

I found myself disliking the characters more as they got younger, which I think was the point.

I liked the little hints in the future that got explained in previous decades.

I loved the romance, which is why I hated the twist.

I loved how Emily was the one with the successful career – and how Robbie didn’t care and loved her for it.

I’ve written spoilers below the picture .



I can’t write this review without spoilers. How were Robbie and Emily half siblings? How? How did they keep that a secret? I hated how Emily got swept away by this romance when she was 20 but loved how the romance was when they were older. I love how Robbie became a decent human being – but the reverse character development made the book get more difficult to enjoy.


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