Wild Embers – Nikita Gill

A couple of months ago I stepped into a new adventure – the world of modern poetry. The pretty cover, name and tagline of ‘poems of rebellion, fire and beauty’ caught my eye, so I bought Nikita Gill’s Wild Embers.

It’s feminist and empowering and easy to relate to. With rewritten fairytales and new depictions of goddesses, I was quite captivated by the magic of it all.

My favourites in the anthology are:

Miracle: The opening poem is perfect – reminding the reader that they are special and amazing. It really sets the tone of the rest of the book.

The Sun and the Moon: This one is really special to me as it reminds me of Daniel. I won’t be soppy and go into why but the poem is about being loved through your good and your bad days.

Unlearning: I think most women go through lots of self-esteem issues as they’re growing up and this one captures how important it is to learn that you’re allowed to change, and how all your bad times make you who you are.

With Love From Midnight: This one captures that every day is a new start, and no matter what happens, midnight always comes and you can start again.

Conjuring: I love this one. It might even be my favourite. It has excellent rhythm and really ties in with the #TimesUp movement and how women are supporting each other and fighting back.

Sleeping Beauty: I love this rewritten version of the story. It changes it to a tale of independence and consent and that we should teach our daughters that they can do life all on their own and succeed.

Journey: This one is all about how it’s important not to compare yourself to anyone else – something I try and fail to do.

Artemis: This is my favourite of the goddess poems. I’ve always been a bit different to most of the women in my family. I’m messy, not much for fashion / shopping and generally only do make-up on special occasions. This one shows how it’s good to be different and to celebrate your differences. It’s also written beautifully.

Courage: I love how this one shows that you shouldn’t have to hide your emotions and passion, and that you’re allowed to love lots. I love lots of people, and that’s okay.

Thanks Nikita for writing a collection that resonates with so many women. I adore how strong it made me feel to read it.


Do you have any favourite poetry collections? Hope you pick up this one next time you go book shopping and enjoy it as much as I did.


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